Taiahan Medical University(TSMU)

New campus, almost 215 hectares

Introduction to School of Nursing

• Started Associate diploma program in nursing for adults from 1985 to 1993.
• Founded Nursing Department in 1994, And changed the name to School of Nursing in 2001.
• Authorized by Ministry of National Education to award Master’s Degree in Nursing Science in 2006.

 Academic Programs

• Undergraduate: 4 years, 1999-now
• Undergraduate (anesthetic nursing): 4 years,2006-now
• Associate diploma-BSN : 2 years, 2003-now
• Associate diploma: 3 years, 1995-now

Twenty three years of graduates - total 4097

        associate               bachelor                       RN-BSN                      total

 Students in School of Nursingin Nov.2012

Philosophy of SON

"Everyone here will learn how to care for oneself and others, and become a caring scholar in the future.
“Faculty and students create a caring atmosphere and develop nursing professionals with the quality of benevolence.”

The motto of SON

• “Understanding politeness , Seeking truth, Showing Caring ; putting into Action firmly .”
• 明义,求真,博爱,笃行

Academic Achievements

The program of Nursing Science
• The distinctive major authorized by TSMU in 2007.
• The distinctive major authorized by Education Bureau of Shandong province in 2008.
• The state distinctive major authorized by Education Ministry of China in 2009.

Academic Achivements

• School-based focus development of academic site in 2011: invested 100,000(yuan) during 2011-2015.
• School-based excellent team of faculty in 2012
• School-based creative team in 2012.
• School-based excellent skill lab

 Achievements InTeaching

• Five provincinal-based elaborate courses were authorized in Oct.2012
• First class Acedemic site of MSN authorized by Ministry of National Education in 2011

 Full time Faculty in nursing

• Professors: 3
• Associate Professors: 7
• Lecturers: 14
• Technical teachers: 4

 Part time faculty

• More than 80 clinical specialists from grade-III hospitals have been employed as part-time professors. The school has constructed a highly qualified faculty in the pattern of combining hospital and school as well as combining medicine and nursing and the teaching needs are well met.
• School and hospital combined, physician and nurse combined and full time and part time combined teaching team.

Skill Lab of Nursing

• 1,024 square meters
• 51 patient beds
• Skill Practice Room, Pediatric Nursing Lab, Health Assessment, Adult Nursing Lab, ICU, O&G Lab, Simulative Operating Room and Form Training Room, and etc.

Skill Lab for fundamental nursing

 Simulation of ICU

Room for Health Assessment

Equipments Of Skill Lab

 Faculty Preparation for Lab Teaching

 Nursing Technical Training

 Placements of Clinical Practice

• Established more than 30 first-class hospitals nationally for nursing practice in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,Dongwan, Jinan and Tai’an and so on.

 Employment of Graduates

The employment rate has been above 97.2% between 2004 and 2009 attaining great social reputation.
In 2008 it signed an agreement which allowed some graduates to get employed in Japan.

 Correlation Between Placement and Employment of Graduates with Bachelor's Degree - SON(1999-2005)

 Graduate Program

• 2003: started postgraduate study in geriatrics oriented to geriatric nursing.
• 2006: it was approved as the base of master degree in nursing and initiated to admit postgraduates in 2007.
• Specialized in geriatric nursing, intensive care,community of nursing, nursing education;nursing management .

 Graduation of Graduates